Day One

I have had lots of day one's. Here's a relatable example: every time I start a diet it is a day one of the new thinner/fitter me. That is until I get so hungry and cranky or my husband and children drive me to the point of shoving snacks in my mouth to stop from screaming.This is usually 3days to a week. So day ones are pretty subjective and my life isn't a diet plan nor can it be fixed by a willpower pep talk.

I am at rock bottom! I've had lots of low moments, SOOOO many low moments. But I pick myself back up, dust myself off and start over. But why am I repeating this cycle? That's what I want to stop. I want off this ride. I can't stay on this path anymore. Today I'm at the lowest I've ever been and I need to do it/life different. So how do I know that today is different? I don't. All I know is that if I am still writing this a year from now and I am not in this terrible place, physically, mentally, and emotionally then today was a real Day One! wish me luck!

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